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WITWICS 1-6: The Case of the Purloined Party

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Dec 28, 2012 17:06    QuotePermalink - Post ID: 5244
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Chief: All these people wants to known... Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Rockapella: (Singing) Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Does the primary intro)

Chief: And one of these people could find her... Waluigi (Audience starts booing and thros garbage at him) Ike (Audience cheers) Ness (Audience cheers) Today's episode: The Case of the Purloined Party. And here's ACME's Sienor Agent in Chare of Training New Recruits... Greg Lee!

Greg: Hi everyone what a crowd we have today! How are you guys

All: Great!

Greg: Ok let's get the Chief up here. Chief what's the story?

Chief: Gumshoes Carmen Sandiego gang of hienous hooligans has struck another caper. This time Double Trouble boogied their way with the Mario Party games. This game series started in 1999 and has been one of the most popular Party games in gaming history. That is until Double Trouble those twin party boys took each and every copy of the games. (Double Trouble's Dossier appears) Here's the word on Double Trouble. They're twins who likes partying and pilfering.

Rockapella: (Scats) Double Trouble (Trouble) x2

Chief: Your mission. Bust Double Trouble's bubble. Bring back the Mario Party games then bring Carmen Sandiego to justice. Greg!

Greg: Thanks Chief. Ok guys we'll start you off 50 ACME Crime Bucks. Anytime you get an question right you'll get 10 more and the 2 of you with the highest scores at the end of this round will move on to the next round. Chief let's get started

Chief: Here's what we know so far. The twins took the games to Benjing. They could be hiding out at the Forbidden City or watching Michal Phelps winning 8 gold medals in one summer game. Greg.

Greg: Thanks Chief ok guys name the country is it: Mongolia China...

All: China!

Greg: Wow that was fast and you're all right. (Audience cheers or boos as the bells rings and Double Trouble walk across the screen) So that means everyone is at 60. Nice work guys. Now let's get to know each other and we'll start with Waluigi. (Audience starts booing and throws garbage on the set like last time) It looks like the audience hates you more than Wario and more garbage is coming onto the set.

Waluigi: Nah who needs thoses losers anyway. I have almost every Nintendo villian supporting me tonight. (Camera turns to the villians and the audience starts booing and pick up pitchforks and form an angery mob)

Greg: Waluigi everyone (Audience countinues booing) Next we have Ike.

Ike: Nice to be here today Greg. I'm from the Fire Emblem Series. Now I like to show you my sword Ragell (He shows everyone his sword)

Greg: That's amazing Ike everyone (Audience starts cheering as they get the Nintendo Villians around the map) Finally we have Ness

Ness: Thanks Greg. I have ESP powers. I have different types including Fire ice and flash.

Greg: Wow that's impressive. Ness everyone. (Audience cheers as they still chase the villians) Ok so let's get to our next...

(Knock on door)

Greg: Come in

(Scott the bouncing informant appears)

Greg: It's the bouncing informant! Hey!

Scott: The Boys are in Rapid City.

Greg: We need more info

Scott: Well it's home to Mount Rushmore

Greg: We need one more info

Scott: The state borders it's neighboring state North Dakota (He leaves the office by jumping out the window and a crashing sound effect is heard)

Greg: The bouncing informant everyone (Audience cheers as they still chase the villians and goes outside) Well with the audience gone it looks like we'll move on. Anyway name the state is it: South Dakota...

All: South Dakota!

Greg: Wow you're fast and all right again (Bells rings) Ok that means everyone is now at 70 nice work guys.

Chief: Greg there's a fax coming in.

Greg: What does it say?

Chief: The Twins are in Louisianna's capital

Greg: Ok thanks. Guys name the city is it: Baton Rouge New Orlens or Slidell. Remember it's the capital of Louisianna. Waluigi what did you say

Waluigi: Baton Rouge

Ness: Baton Rouge

Ike: Baton Rouge

Greg: Wow all 3 of you are right again (Bells rings) Ok that means everyone is now at 80 Nice.... (Thunder and lightning)

Greg: Ok guys it's time for the lightning round and all of these questions are on Louisianna. Each one is worth 5 Crime Bucks. Hands on your buzzers and here we go. Name one of New Orleans Sports teams... (Ike buzzes in) Ike

Ike: The Hornets

Greg: Correct (Bells rings) Next question: Name me the Division 1 college team that hails in Louisianna (Ike buzzes in) Ike

Ike: Louisianna State University

Greg: Correct (Bells rings and ness applaudes) Last question name me the celebration that happens in New Orleans (Ike buzzes in again) Ike

Ike: The Mardi Gras Parade

Greg: Correct (Bells rings) That means Ike has 95 while Waluigi and Ness has 80.

Chief: Greg I like to tell the gumshoes that the one who catches Carmen Sandiego will win a free trip to the lower 48 states. (Ike and Ness applaudes about the trip) But in order to get the trip you have to catch Double Trouble and the Mario Party games. Get back to work.

Greg: Thanks Chief. Ok guys remember we're still looking for Double Trouble and the Mario Party games. But luckly ACME Bugnet just intercetped this phone conversation between Double Trouble and Carmen Sandiego. Watch


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Dec 28, 2012 17:08    QuotePermalink - Post ID: 5245
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Double Trouble: Hey Carmen these games are fun. Mini-games boss battles and all sorts of stuff.

Carmen: Well I hate to break up your shindig but ACME is on you. Take the games to a beach town in New Jersey. It's the former home of the Ms.America Pagent. You can even take a walk on the boardwalk.

Double Trouble: Nothing like a little walk on the boardwalk to give us some fun boss lady.

Carmen: Just one thing boys

Double Trouble: What's that?

Carmen: No GAMBLING!

Greg: Ok guys name the New Jersey city is it: Wildwood Cape May or Atlantic City. Remember the clues: Ms.America Pagent boardwalk and known for it's casinos. Ike we'll start with you

Ike: Atlantic City

Greg: Ok Waluigi

Waluigi: Cape May

Greg: Ness

Ness: Atlantic City

Greg: The anwser we're looking for is Atlantic City (Bells rings) Ok that means Ike has 105 Ness has 90 and Waluigi has 80. Nice work (Baby crying in the ally) Oh boy it looks like we got a baby on the doorstep again. I'm going to go outside and talk to him (He goes outside and Barry is the baby) Hey there big guy you want your rattle wattle.

Barry: Stop it with the baby talk anyways the boys are in the Golden State. It's 3rd in size and first in population. They maybe hiding on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Greg: Thanks for the info (Barry grabs a wheel from the stroller and Greg goes inside) Ok guys name the state is it: Washington California or Oregon. Remember the clues: Golden State 3rd in size and first in population.

All: California

Greg: The anwser is California (Bells rings as Double Trouble walk across the screen) Ok that means Waluigi has 90 Ike has 115 and Ness has 100. But now it's time for the final clue for the round. Remember that you can risk between 0-50 Crime Bucks so take a look here. (Screen shows 3 cities of Kanto) Here's the portion of the world where Double Trouble are headin. Remember the risks and think about it. (Rockapella does the risk tune as the gumshoes make their risk) Ok guys for our last clue

Audience member: Hey Greg!

Greg: Hey what's up

Audience member: Well I was in the bathroom when the others was chasing the Nintendo villians away and I got a note from Ash on Double Trouble's whereabouts (He gives Greg the note)

Greg: Ok it says here that The Twins are in the first location of Kanto Gym. It's Gym Leader name is Brock and trains rock types. Ok guys name the city is it: Pewter City Cerlurean City or Saffron City. Remember the note: First Kanto Gym and Brock is the Gym Leader. Waluigi how much did you risk

Waluigi: 0 Crime Bucks and I said Pewter City

Greg: Your right (Bells rings) Ike how much did you risk

Ike: 10 Crime Bucks and I said Pewter City also

Greg: Correct and you're moving on. Ness it comes down to you. How much did you risk

Ness: 10 Crime Bucks and I also said Pewter City

Greg: You're right and that means you and Ike are moving on congrats. (Ike and Ness give each other a high five) Waluigi you did great stuff for us today and you're going home with the ACME Travel Kit with an Atlas a watch a T-Shirt and a subcription of National Geographic World Magerzines and the Chief would like to say a few words.

Chief: Thanks for your work here today and Waluigi I salute you!

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Dec 28, 2012 17:08    QuotePermalink - Post ID: 5246
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Greg: Ok guys it's time to go to Pewter City to track down Double Trouble and the Mario Party games. But we don't send our agents out unprepared. Chief, how about a briefing?

Chief: Here's the scoop on Pewter City: It's the first gym you'll be in battling in the Kanto Riegon and is know for it's rocks. The boys down at Nintendo Photo Recon has a few slides. We'll start off with it's gym. This gym trains rock type pokemon so use either grass or water types to defeat this gym. Next is Brock's house it made a few appearaces during the series and Brock has 10 little bros and sisters here. Look for Double Trouble planning on stealing Brock's Ludicolo. Finally the Pokemon Center it's just like any other center. Well that's Pewtwer City gumshoes it's time to head out into the field. Remember the ACME Triangle of Exellence: Vigalince dedication courage. Go get 'em gumshoes!

(The scene changes to the jailtime challenge as the gumshoes Greg and the lone audience member enter the station)

Greg: Ok guys here we are in Pewtwer City put your bags down take your positions and what your name...

Audience member: Joey

Greg: Ok Joey take a seat on one of the crates and I'll show you guys what we have. Here are the locations where we can find Double Trouble the loot and the warrant for Double Trouble's arrest. Remember the order is loot warrant crook. So let's get started Ike you go first.

Ike: The Pokemon Center

Greg: The Center (Shoeprints) nothing there Ness

Ness: Brock's house

Greg: Brock's house (Double Trouble) Nice you found the twins but remember the order. Use some strategy.

Ness: The Science meusem

Greg: The Meusem (Shoeprints) Good strategy Ike

Ike: How about route 3

Greg: Route 3 (Mario Party games)

Rockapella: Let's Party!

Greg: (Laughs) Nice you got the loot and a free turn

Ike: The Power Plant

Greg: The Power Plant (Shoeprints) nothing there Ness

Ness: Mt.Moon

Greg: Mt.Moon (Shoeprints) Nothing there. Where is the warrant?

Ike: Route 3

Greg: Route 3 (Mario Party)

Rockapella: Let's Party!

Ike: Pewtwer Gym

Greg: The Gym (Warrant) Nice you got the loot and warrant do you remember where the twins are?

Ike: Brock's house

Greg: Brock's house (Double Trouble)

Rockapella: Double Trouble! (Performs fanfare as the confetti falls and Joey cheers and Ike starts celebrating and goes over to Greg)

Greg: Nice work Ike and now you have...

Ike: I seen this show a few times and I know what's next (He pulls on the chain the foghorn sounds and Double Trouble's in jail)

Rockapella: Double Trouble... Zin jail!

Greg: Ok I'll talk to you in a little bit but Ness you were a great detective. You track down Double Trouble all the way here and the Chief has something that'll help you on your next case.

Chief: It's a World Brand Radio so that Ness can listen to broadcast all over the world. Good Work Ness!

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Dec 28, 2012 17:11    QuotePermalink - Post ID: 5247
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Greg: Ok Ike I think you understand that it's time for you to write down your trip destination if you catch Carmen Sandiego. Write it nice and big. (Ike writes his trip down as Rockapella does the trip theme) Ok that's interesting. So you got Double Trouble and the loot now we just need (The phone rings)

Ike: I got it. Hello?

Double Trouble: We'll party alot hardier in the slammer if we know Carmen's on her way. Look for her in Africa.

Greg: Ok so it looks like we're all going to Africa. Chief?

Chief: Ike here's the list of places Carmen may've traveled: Madagascar Zimbambwe Kenya South Africa Eygpt Botswana Tanzania Chad Congo Central African Republic Libya Sudan Morocco. Greg Take Ike to the map

(Rockapella scats as Ike Greg and Joey enters the map of Africa)

Greg: Ok Ike you know what to do. 7 in 60 seconds. Joey cheer him on ok.

Joey: Yes sir!

Greg: Ok let's put 60 seoncds on the clock. Good luck Ike. Get ready... get set... go! Carmen is in Kenya (Ike goes to Kenya 1/7 55 seconds) Eygpt (He puts the marker on Eygpt 52 seconds 2/7) Morocco (He goes west to Morocco 3/7 46 seconds) South Africa (He goes down to the bottom and puts the marker on South Africa 4/7 40 seconds) Madagascar (He goes to the island of Madagascar 5/7 33 seconds) Libya (He puts the marker down on Libya 6/7 29 seconds) Congo this it Congo (He puts the final marker on Congo 7/7 22 seconds left)

Greg: That's it! (Ike gives Greg a high five and Ness comes out and celebrate as the newspaper appears: Ike Captures Carmen!) Ok it's time show your trip destination you'll be going to... Atlantic City New Jersey! (Rockapella: Let's get packin') Congratulations Ike. Listen you did great stuff for us today. But there's...

Ike: I already know what it is...

All: Do it Rockapella!

(Rockapella does the theme song as the credits roll. After the credits Greg Ike Ness and Joey all dance on the map)

Chief: This is Lynn Thigpen for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and remember that we stop crooks everyday because we bust slimeballs all the time.

I will have a special ACME Extra net in which we'll find out what happen to the other members of the audience and the Nintendo villians

ACME Extra

(Outside the studio we see the audience all worn out and covered in bandages as Greg leaves the studio)

Greg: Hey guys what happend?

Audience member: We won the war against the villians but they escaped. Who won the show

Greg: Ike managed to catch Double Trouble and catch Carmen in Africa

(Audience cheers)

Greg: I'm sorry you guys missed the show

Audience member: And we're sorry we formed an angery mob against the villians.

Greg: It's ok guys you didn't mean to besides I would've join you guys but then who would stay and watch the gumshoes. Anyway I have to go home to get ready for the first tag team episode of the season that'll be aring soon.

Audience: Bye Greg!

(Everyone leaves the studio and the sun sets)

The End

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