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Carmen Sandiego's VILE Headquarters
Mais où se cache Carmen Sandiego?

Strauss Games, Paris, France.


Mais ou se cache Carmen Sandiego?



Mais où se cache Carmen Sandiego?
Mystère au bout du monde is a Nintendo DS game aimed at L2 learning.  Published by Mindscape (and associated companies) and developed by multimedia expert Strauss Games, this released is the first of what we hope to be the next generation of Carmen titles.


With the US release of the next Carmen Sandiego game still impending, Gumshoes might want to brush up on a little French and join Carmen's treasure hunt en français.



(Edit: The official release date has been moved to February 18, 2009)



From the official press release (Translated):

Who is Carmen Sandiego?
Always doning a red trenchcoat and hat, Carmen is characterized by her class and extraordinary intelligence. One of the best ACME detectives of all time, she decided, one eventful day, to leave the agency and turn her attention to thievery. Without violence, Carmen steals the world's most valuable treasures then leaves clues to their whereabouts. Her reasons remain a mystery...


Carmen Sandiego is Back!

Some of the world's greatest treasures have just disappeared. The nature of the objects and the crime leads to only Carmen Sandiego, world-infamous International Thief. The player joins Julia and Adam, two of ACME's best agents, to recover the clues, evidence, and find the crook involved. What does Carmen really want? Is it the Holy Grail? Atlantis? The original 10 commandments?

A World-wide Chase!
The game offers a fun approach to geography and history. During investigation, the player will travel to destinations in 10 countries such as The United States, Italy, Tanzania, and Japan.  Players will venture across historical and scenic locations like Machu Pichu, Abou Simbel, Saint Petersburg, and the Taj Mahal while collecting clues and questioning witnesses...  Follow Carmen Sandiego through an enthralling cultural voyage around the world!

The game retails at around 30 Euros and is available in both NDS and PC.


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