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Play games in the forum. Guessing Games and Role Playing Games.  The Games we play and how to get started with them.
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Author: invader 21 June, 2014 dreams 0 comments
First encounters chapter fiveI do not own anything here ,and this purely fictional, and is based on dreams I have had. Invader ... Read more
Author: Flag 9 April, 2014 In Character Things 2 comments
(( Before we go any further this is a proposed ending for the Cadence RP based on numerous brainstorming discussions between, Ch... Read more
Author: invader 15 January, 2014 dreams 3 comments
A day of joy I own myself here, this is a work of fiction. MORNING It is a brilliant and beautiful morning and invader has got... Read more
Author: invader 14 January, 2014 dreams 2 comments
Thoughts of invader part two I own myself here, and I own no one else that may be mentioned by name or otherwise. I can finally... Read more
Author: Jade 13 January, 2014 Jade 1 comments
(I don't own the characters from parts one through four whatsoever) Outside of London,England,UK "Spencer,how did you get Sam ... Read more
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23 September, 2009

The following section covers how to use the points you've gained on the site.

23 April, 2009

You may notice the new IM link on your ID card and the "i" icon on user avatars.  This is a new Instant Messaging system we're working on, please feel free to beta test, thanks!

23 April, 2009

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9 April, 2009

Due to a technical glitch, some of your comments and site mail from early March and back may have been lost. We're updating the messaging system, please stay tuned. Thanks for bearing with us!



4 April, 2009

New icons have been added to the ID card under the magnifying glass. They are: Site Chat, Upload to Gallery, and Manage Contacts. Check them out, thanks!



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